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Re: [SLUG] PCMCIA 10/100 card tuning?

Check your duplex setting, seeing as you have a dumb hub
you might need to force 10mbps/half-duplex

Your symptoms sound like your at full duplex.


Rachel Polanskis wrote:

> Hi sluggers,
> I've managed to get myself a groovy little notebook running SuSE 7.1
> on it. 
> I went and bought a 10/100 PC card interface for it and even though
> I couldn't find any consumer/tech info about the interface online,
> it worked with Linux straight out of the box.  Probably something to 
> do with the box saying it supported Linux, which was pretty cool ;)
> Anyway, the card does work well, but seems to choke on certain activities 
> such as when I connect using Knews to my private newsserver and 
> also on ftp downloads.  When I am using the Web or ssh, the choke 
> is not so noticable but I do feel it when getting news or doing 
> file transfers.   A 2Mb file that takes a few seconds on my 
> workstation takes a couple of minutes on the notebook, for eg...
> My private LAN is just 10Mb ethernet connected to a dumb hub.  The news 
> and FTP servers are on this same LAN.  I notice with the PC Card 
> I get a lot of collisions which I do not get on my Suns ;)
> What I am asking is for some help sorting out my network tuning.
> I know where to do this on a Sun but on Linux it's not so 
> obvious.  I read the PCMCIA HowTo and the Ethernet HowTo, but 
> seem to be missing something about how to actually tune my 
> interface to it's best potential.  Although the interface is 100Mb 
> capable, I am not using this functionality (as mentioned) but it 
> seems I'm not getting the best performance I could, even at 10Mb.
> If it helps, the Interface is called a "MobileConnect FE16-TX 10/100 adaptor".
> It is supposedly a DLink clone and is emulating an NE2000 at first guess.
> I could find zero info about this interface by Googling, but only found
> a few near misses...
> The notebook is a HP Omnibook 800CT, so it has plenty of Linux support
> and CPU power to match the Interface.
> Thanks!
> rachel

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