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[SLUG] PCMCIA 10/100 card tuning?

Hi sluggers,

I've managed to get myself a groovy little notebook running SuSE 7.1
on it. 

I went and bought a 10/100 PC card interface for it and even though
I couldn't find any consumer/tech info about the interface online,
it worked with Linux straight out of the box.  Probably something to 
do with the box saying it supported Linux, which was pretty cool ;)

Anyway, the card does work well, but seems to choke on certain activities 
such as when I connect using Knews to my private newsserver and 
also on ftp downloads.  When I am using the Web or ssh, the choke 
is not so noticable but I do feel it when getting news or doing 
file transfers.   A 2Mb file that takes a few seconds on my 
workstation takes a couple of minutes on the notebook, for eg...

My private LAN is just 10Mb ethernet connected to a dumb hub.  The news 
and FTP servers are on this same LAN.  I notice with the PC Card 
I get a lot of collisions which I do not get on my Suns ;)

What I am asking is for some help sorting out my network tuning.

I know where to do this on a Sun but on Linux it's not so 
obvious.  I read the PCMCIA HowTo and the Ethernet HowTo, but 
seem to be missing something about how to actually tune my 
interface to it's best potential.  Although the interface is 100Mb 
capable, I am not using this functionality (as mentioned) but it 
seems I'm not getting the best performance I could, even at 10Mb.

If it helps, the Interface is called a "MobileConnect FE16-TX 10/100 adaptor".
It is supposedly a DLink clone and is emulating an NE2000 at first guess.
I could find zero info about this interface by Googling, but only found
a few near misses...

The notebook is a HP Omnibook 800CT, so it has plenty of Linux support
and CPU power to match the Interface.


Rachel Polanskis			Optus/Excite@nospam.Home
UNIX Administrator			100 Harris Street
IT Operations				Pyrmont, Sydney NSW
rachel@nospam.excitehome.com.au		Ph: (+61 2) 900 51144

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