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Re: [SLUG] own domainname with non-permanent connection?

Graeme Robinson wrote:
> Quoting Matt Hyne <mhyne@nospam.cisco.com>:
> > Another option is to config sendmail to fetch you mail using the ETRN
> > (??) command - that way, the mail will be stored on a secondary server
> > and you initiate the transfer to the primary when you are up - and list
> > mail (non TO: addressed mail) will work too.
> As I (perhaps wrongly) understand it to use ETRN your host has to be configured
> as primary MX host.  This raises the issue I mention below.

also, many ISPs implement port 25 blocking to prevent use of dynamic dns
to run a mail server...

i had this problem. my solution, host my domain with pair.com and have
pop boxes for each known address or forwarders to their ISP account.
everyone gets there list mail fine.


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