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Re: [SLUG] Lots of multias on offer...

Jamie Honan wrote:
> > 16 each VX40B-F2 (166mhz Alpha) 16mb Ram, Floppy drive, No HD's (SCSI)
> > These do NOT include stands, monitors, keyboards, or mice.  Most if not
> > all will probably need a battery.  All were in working condition when
> > removed from service.

The advice I received is that 2 xAA would replace the battery, but can
you fit 2xAA internally into these boxen?

> The floppy drive is quite unique, these are interesting in having
> them. The 16mb of ram would not be enough to do anything worthwile.
> As the article points out, you need special true parity ram.

I have one of the P100 model, so these comments may apply only to that.
Does need parity ram, either Digital or Other, but all simms must be the
same. You cannot mix digital and other simms.
> Not having stands is bad. These units need to be operated in vertical
> position with plastic stands to provide proper heat dissapation.

Does anyone have access to sheet metal bending equipment?
I was considering examining the idea of making my own, but it is only
worthwhile if it is my labour. Effectively the stand is a large
bookstand with three little hooks on it.

Is there an archive of the Multia-list?
If so, people might want to search it to see people's experiences with
the Multia's.

Discussion on pricing to slug-chat.

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