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Re: [SLUG] own domainname with non-permanent connection?

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Dave Fitch wrote:

> I will shortly have my own domain name so have been looking
> at web and email fowarding for it so www.mydomain.com goes
> to www.myisp.com.au/~username and anyone@nospam.mydomain.com goes
> to my isp email address.

I have my ISP answer for stillhq.com, which is where I have POP mail drops
and my web presence. I then use fetchmail to collect mail from the POP
accounts regularly.

Works fine.

I can't imagine this is uncommon -- my ISP in Canberra only charges $30 a
month for the service.


Michael Still (mikal@nospam.stillhq.com)
  http://www.stillhq.com -- a whole bunch of Open Source stuff including PDF software...

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