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Re: [SLUG] own domainname with non-permanent connection?

At 12:57 PM 25/06/2001 +1000, Paul Robinson wrote:
>This might be ugly.. well actually it would be way ugly but it's an answer
>from left field. how about setting up a (free) dynamic dns account
>(http://www.dyndns.org) and point your mail to that which in turn points to
>your ip (there are scripts u can download and run which update the dns
>automatically when you connect to the net (run script from /etc/ppp/ip-up).
>I don't know how well this would work in practice,

I have a server on adsl dynamic dns using dyndns.org.  It's extremely 
reliable.  After much thought I rejected the idea of making my dynamic host 
my primary MX host for 1 reason: I don't want any mail to bounce.

There is the chance, though small, that if your server is down for some 
reason that your last IP will be allocated to another network user who runs 
a mail server - if mail goes to that IP before you can get your server 
online again it will bounce or even be lost - not an acceptable risk for 
business mail IMO.   I'm lobbying Telstra for a fixed IP but in the 
meantime another ISP hosts my domain and my mailserver is configured for 
pop collection and multidrop distribution of my domain mail.  It works 
pretty well but I've heard multidrop can get into trouble when delivering 

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