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Re: [SLUG] Re. SLUG meeting instructions for newbie

(Yes, I know this is completely off-topic, but it goes to show the
power of the Internet, and so I thought I'd post it anyway. Replies
off-list unless there's a reason not to...)

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 12:48:17PM +1000, Adam F. Bogacki wrote:
> For the uninitiated, the computer chips in Sydney taxi meters depend on two
> factors - time and distance. I don't know the exact proportion, but it's
> mainly distance.

http://www.nswtaxi.org.au will tell you.

> A quick trip from the domestic terminal directly to UTS via the shortest
> route [O'Riordan, Wyndham, Cleveland, Abercrombie and Broadway] is about
> $10.00 and _definitely_ competitive with the Domestic-Central railway. This
> option has dependencies such as time of day, traffic conditions, and whether
> you have the bad fortune to get stuck behind a sheep truck with a flat tire
> in Botany Rd. in rush hour.

www.whereis.com.au gives basically this route from Shiers Ave Mascot
(Qantas domestic terminal) to Regent St, Chippendale (basically UTS), with
a total distance of 6.80Kms.

From the details from www.nswtaxi.org.au, the cost for this trip,
if before 10pm at night, would be  (2.35 + 6.80 * 1.32), or about $11.30 -
presuming no stops. After 10pm it would go up to $14.10.
Adding in at least about 5 mins for sitting at lights etc (and it's
going to be at least that on that route for most times of the day)
takes this up to around $15-20.

So with about 5 mins of internet time, the issue is sorted :)


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