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Re: [SLUG] own domainname with non-permanent connection?

On 24 Jun, Dave Fitch wrote:

> I haven't managed to find any place that does this, except
> as part of a "web hosting package", ie. for big $$$.
> I don't mind paying but not very much, obviously free would
> be better still.
> Anyone got any recommendations or places to look etc?

There are a couple of places in the US that offer webhosting, for
liedra.net I use http://digitalspace.net . I use their mailservers as
well, so I don't know about the mail issues - they're quite quick at
returning messages, so it might be worth your while asking.
Upsides: Cheap. Fairly reliable. Unlimited mail, ftp, etc accounts.
Shell accounts.
Downsides: a little slow, frequent reboots of their redhat servers. (as
of now, george.frogspace.net (my server) has an uptime of 3 days.)

Another place is http://phpwebhosting.com which my boyfriend runs
http://www.lardcave.net from - seems a lot faster than digitalspace, but
I don't know anything about their mail setup.

Hope this gives you an idea of some options :)



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