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[SLUG] Re. SLUG meeting instructions for newbie

For the uninitiated, the computer chips in Sydney taxi meters depend on two
factors - time and distance. I don't know the exact proportion, but it's
mainly distance.

From experience, I can tell you that a fare from the international terminal
to Macquarie St. in the city via Qantas Drive and the Eastern Distributor is
roughly $20.00, including tolls.

A quick trip from the domestic terminal directly to UTS via the shortest
route [O'Riordan, Wyndham, Cleveland, Abercrombie and Broadway] is about
$10.00 and _definitely_ competitive with the Domestic-Central railway. This
option has dependencies such as time of day, traffic conditions, and whether
you have the bad fortune to get stuck behind a sheep truck with a flat tire
in Botany Rd. in rush hour.

It has been said that it is possible to write a program simulating a manned
return voyage to the moon - but not one simulating driver behaviour due to
the number of variables (i.e. other drivers) involved.


Adam Bogacki.

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