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[SLUG] own domainname with non-permanent connection?

Hi all,

I will shortly have my own domain name so have been looking
at web and email fowarding for it so www.mydomain.com goes
to www.myisp.com.au/~username and anyone@nospam.mydomain.com goes
to my isp email address.

I've tried searching around (on slug archives and google)
but everything I've read so far seems to assume you've
got a permanent internet connection.

The web forwarding is probably ok cos I can permanently
forward it to my web space under my isp.  But for email
I will need it to be either:
a) forwarded somewhere and held for my to retrieve later
   (eg. via pop/fetchmail)
b) a primary/secondary mx type arrangement where me (the
   primary) is usually offline so the secondary doesn't
   mind providing the storage space etc until I come
   online again and do the "etrn" or whatever to have it
   sent on to me via smtp.

I haven't managed to find any place that does this, except
as part of a "web hosting package", ie. for big $$$.
I don't mind paying but not very much, obviously free would
be better still.

Anyone got any recommendations or places to look etc?


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