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[SLUG] Lots of multias on offer...

Anyone up for shipping a few in? We'd have to be quick, and have a decent
number for it to be worthwhile.

- Jeff

----- Forwarded message from Tom Crabtree <tccrab@nospam.sunset.net> -----

Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 08:28:28 -0700
From: Tom Crabtree <tccrab@nospam.sunset.net>
Subject: Multia's for Sale

Hi All!

I'm looking to unload a big bag full of Multia's.
Any reasonable offer will be considered.

I currently have:
31 each VX51B-F2 (100mhz Pentium) 24mb Ram, 340mb IDE HD, Floppy
16 each VX40B-F2 (166mhz Alpha) 16mb Ram, Floppy drive, No HD's (SCSI)

These do NOT include stands, monitors, keyboards, or mice.  Most if not
all will probably need a battery.  All were in working condition when
removed from service.

If you need to upgrade memory, I can help you there also.
Ram (72pin True Parity Simms) available for upgrading memory,
32mb Simm $50 each,
16mb Simm, $25 each,
8mb Simm, $15 each

They will be shipped out of the Los Angeles California area.

Tom Crabtree


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