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Re: [SLUG] Notification of Internet Violations

On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 10:09:29PM +1000, Ben Donohue wrote:
> Actually it is a joke but it has a more sinister twist for those
> SLUG members who are easily led. 

I'm sure such a beast does not exist. You ever tried leading a penguin?
'Tis more difficult than herding cats. (And look it up in the Jargon file,
cats are most definitely more hackerly than any other domesticated animal). 

> It is primarliy there to make 
> people laugh at religion. Whether you are religious or not, it's 
> aim is to do something rediculous under the supposed banner of religion. 

No. It's aim as I see it is to show the ridiculous nature of one group of
rather fundamentalist Christians deciding what will be acceptable on the
Web. This site in no way makes fun of people who follow Christ's teachings;
it shows the arrogant absurdity of those who seek to impose their own version
of Christianity/morality on the rest of the Web.

> Then when you see how rediculous their claim is, you associate that
> rediculousness with religion.

'Tis a cheap shot I know, but please use a spell checker. Unless your aim
is to ridicule Red Symons (you do have to be from Melbourne to qualify for
that I hope you realise) I believe he has a trademark on 'rediculous'. It
appears he will also crash Mozilla free of charge. A great Aussie icon
indeed. So long as you don't click on him..... :-)

> You could imagine a similar situation where Microsoft covertly puts out
> a stupid claim about something under the banner of Linux and its devotees. 

Do you really think this would have much effect? Five minutes after such a 
thing was posted, you'd get 500 posts to various news sites declaiming the
desperate straits MS was in if they did this sort of thing. Hell, in five
minutes, Slashdot would have released five stories/updates describing the
dastardly tactics of MS. And then where would they be? MS would be back to
herding penguins I expect.
> They don't want to look stupid and so they don't use Linux. See the logic?
> It's the association of one with the other.

I think your problem with this site is that you think that it's saying that
religion==stupid. I don't see this at all. I think the basic message here is
that if you let any one group take control over the net, then you will be
eaten by a grue. Because your lamp will have gone out, and you'll be groping
forwards into blackness not even realising that Pitr has a box of matches
and is standing right next to you. (Pitr gallantly standing in for any
opinions that differ in any degree from your own). (And has anybody actually
completed a successful kernel config using ESRs CML2 make advent? Damn I 
hate grues at this point in time. I shall beat this game soon... :-).

> It's actually almost boring that they can't come up with something more
> ingenious against religion. 

Seriously, it's only against the worst aspects of religion, if anything. I'm
kind of sorry for you if you can't see that, you must have a very narrow view
of religion.

> Treat it with the contempt it deserves and throw it in the SPAM bin - /dev/nul

Dang, I wish I wasn't such a basically nice guy and could laugh at the missing
'l' there.


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