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Re: [SLUG] Notification of Internet Violations

Oh Geez. This is classic. :)

From their FAQ:

"Do people ever get wrongfully added to your databases?
One complaint that people often have with us is that they were added to our
databases in error. We have come to the conclusion that this is rarely the
People often claim that they were added by their friends as a practical
joke. Now, consider this scenario. A young man, let's call him Ray, notices
that his friend, let's call her Jody, has been acting a little strange. She
is much more aloof around family and friends, and she has been spending a
lot more time at the computer. These are clear, tell-tale signs that Jody is
exploring illegal pornography on the Internet. Out of fear for the safety of
both Jody, and the Internet as a whole, Ray reports Jody as an offender and
she is added to our database.
Imagine now that Jody discovers that Ray has added her. She confronts him,
and what does he say? Out of the fear that she may get angry, and possibly
violent with him, he says he added her as a practical joke. You see? Even
though Ray added Jody to the database out of genuine concern for the
Internet, Jody has been led to believe it was simply a practical joke."

From About Net Authority:

"The Net Authority is a group of individuals who have taken it upon
themselves to govern the Internet. We have waited patiently and in vain for
the World's governments to put their resources together and develop a
standard set of guildelines for what material should be permitted on the
Internet, and what should not. We have prayed without answer for a
centralized agency with the power and the means to stop crimes against
humanity on the Internet. The time for waiting has ended. Clearly we, the
people, must take matters into our own hands. Net Authority writes those
guidelines. Net Authority is that agency."

----- Original Message -----
From: "Net Authority Investigations" <investigations@nospam.netauthority.org>
To: "slug" <slug@nospam.slug.org.au>
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001 2:18 PM
Subject: [SLUG] Notification of Internet Violations

: Dear slug,
: It has recently been brought to our attention that you are, or have been,
in violation of the Net Authority Acceptable Internet Usage Guidelines. It
has been reported that you distribute offensive materials over the Internet.
: Net Authority has investigated these claims and verified that they are
: As a result, your personal information has been added to one or more Net
Authority Internet offender databases. Your information will be stored in
the databases until enough evidence has been gathered against you to warrant
further actions. To help avoid such a situation, it is strongly recommended
that you cease your immoral actions on the Internet at once.
: You have been added to the following databases:
:  - Hate Literature Offenders
:  - General Blasphemy Offenders
: If you would like more information about Net Authority or the Net
Authority Acceptable Internet Usage Guidelines, you may read the details at
http://www.netauthority.org/. It is imperative that you fully understand the
guidelines if you wish to avoid further prosecution.
: May God be with you as you struggle to overcome these evil impulses. You
will be in our prayers at night.
: God speed,
: Net Authority Investigations Department
: investigations@nospam.netauthority.org
: http://www.netauthority.org/
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