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Re: FW: [SLUG] Meeting details for newbie

On Friday 22 June 2001 18:12, Del wrote:
> "Adam F. Bogacki" wrote:
> > Aren't you _understating_ the cost of the Central->Domestic Airport train
> > ? I understood they were not competitive on cost (i.e. more expensive)
> > than taxis
> Nope, they are $10 each way.  As stated below.  I caught one last week.
> > which is why the general public has avoided them leading to the Airport
> > Rail company
> > now being administered by an insolvency manager.
> Don't know about that.  Isn't it the same as the normal rail company?

It WAS a private consortium that built the line - what they were doing is 
letting you travel down that line on your normal ticket (say, for example, 
you were going further like Wollii Creek, etc). But if you wanted to get off 
the platform at the Airport, it cost you $10 extra.

No wonder they're in receivership !!

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