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[SLUG] Re: Kylix Comments


> Has anyone had some real development experience with Kylix and if
> so what are your thoughts. How does it compare in functionality and
> depth to say Delphi 5. Is it as good as the marketing makes out?
> How easy is it to port delphi apps...etc

Well, I've tested it for real with two full time programmers.  Their 
comments were so rude that we couldn't publish it in a UK Linux 
magazine.  Many other comments have been along the lines of " Oh..... 
  Kdevelop or Anjunta is so much better ".

My own opinion is that I don't really want to slate Borland for their 
commercial products.  But, it's difficult to ignore the opinion of a 
programmer who has been working for twenty years on all kindsa things.

Make what you will of that ?



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