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Re: FW: [SLUG] Meeting details for newbie

"Adam F. Bogacki" wrote:

> Aren't you _understating_ the cost of the Central->Domestic Airport train ?
> I understood they were not competitive on cost (i.e. more expensive) than
> taxis

Nope, they are $10 each way.  As stated below.  I caught one last week.

> which is why the general public has avoided them leading to the Airport Rail
> company
> now being administered by an insolvency manager.

Don't know about that.  Isn't it the same as the normal rail company?

> Central station is only a few mins from where the meetings are held, and
> from there the trains to the airport run every 10 mins, take 10 mins, and
> cost $10 (quicker and cheaper than a taxi for 1 or 2 ppl).
> There are buses from central to the airport too, but they are slower and
> less frequent, although cheaper ($6.50 one way). A taxi will take about
> 20 mins, and cost you about $20-$25 (more if it's after 10pm)


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