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RE: [SLUG] Radical Solutions ...

>I think I had similar problems when I went from debian stable to debian

Thanks. That seems to make sense of what may have happened. When I used
'apt-get upgrade'
I remember that there were a number of sources used, both stable and
unstable. But does
that mean that the Debian setup I have is potentially unstable ?

>My solution was to 'apt-get install x-window-system'  or
>something similar (I'll have a look at my notes tonight if you want).
>this a couple of times, and doing a 'dselect --configure-pending' (or
>similar, working off the top of my head here) reinstalled and reconfigured
>the x window setup...

I'd be grateful if you could email me (and the list) exactly how you did it.
It seems
a logical - and very Debian - way of doing it.

I don't, at the moment, understand how finding the real file at the end of
the symlink chain
will fix the problem. I have not mixed non-Debian sources with this system
(unless via apt-get).


Adam Bogacki.

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