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[SLUG] CDDB : selective extraction

Hello Folks

Does anyone know of any script/apps to extract wanted entries from the
cddb files?

The current tar.gzip version of the FreeCDDB is about 107Mb before
extraction expands enormously. It would be useful if I could extract
just the artist or music that I want.

If there isn't a facility, and someone has time on their hands {:-)

Best case would be a shell script to just extract files from the
tar.gzip referencing an artist/band name, e.g. wagner, beethoven,
mozart, luke, wagner, nakai, AC/DC, etc.

Worst case would be to comb the existing cddb and copy on a similar
basis. I don't really want to know about every pimply faced youth that
claims they are a rapper {:-)

My brain has invoked the POET's clause {:-).

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