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Re: [SLUG] Multiple Mice in X

Dean Hamstead was once rumoured to have said:
> Morning,

> Does anyone have multiple mice set up in X 4.x?

BTDT.  You do it via XInput.

> If so would you care to fwd the relevant entries in the config file
> Ive a PS/2 and a USB mouse and i would like to use two. Not two cursors
> (that would be neat though) but the normal "multiple influences" type of
> arrangement.
> Kernel does multiple USB mice for you, but alas, not ps2 as well (maybe
> some one could send a patch to add ps2 mouse to the mice device)

Uh, no - that'd be wrong.  The /dev/input/mice interface is a
simulated stream, /dev/psaux is real, live raw data.

What you do instead is define two mouse pointers with different names,
both as "AlwaysCore" pointers.

XFree86 v4 handles this nicely.

Its a lot messier to config in 3.3, but you still do it via XInput.

I used to use this arrangement with USB mice + a Laptop trackpad.

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