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Re: [SLUG] Next PCAN Meeting

Hi Matthew,

as PCAN is an active community project using Linux in Sydney, I don't
think it's off-topic for the SLUG list at all. I'm sure there are and
will be SLUGgers in the area who are keen to get involved, and maybe
you can inspire those in other areas to do similar work. So please
feel free to post occasional announcements etc. to the slug list.



On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 12:32:24PM +1000, Matthew Davidson wrote:
> Hello,
> PCAN is holding it's next meeting tomorrow.  Exciting project,
> sharing skills, putting GNU/Linux to use, reusing old hardware, yada,
> yada, yada.  This is the last (admittedly slightly OT) posting about
> PCAN I'll make to this list, just to catch anybody who might have
> missed the last one, so no need to flame me about spamming.
> ...
> See http://www.cat.org.au/pcan for more details.

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