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[SLUG] Next PCAN Meeting


PCAN is holding it's next meeting tomorrow.  Exciting project,
sharing skills, putting GNU/Linux to use, reusing old hardware, yada,
yada, yada.  This is the last (admittedly slightly OT) posting about
PCAN I'll make to this list, just to catch anybody who might have
missed the last one, so no need to flame me about spamming.

Anybody interested in keeping track of this project, send a blank email
to geton.pcanet@nospam.cat.org.au, or keep an eye on the website.


Meeting of Parramatta Computer Access Network (PCAN)
2:00pm Saturday 23 June
Parramatta City Library (Near Parramatta Railway Station)

(Meeting will probably be held in space behind study room 1. Up stairs,
turn left.  Otherwise, ask at enquiries desk.)

At our last meeting we resolved to find potential hosts for our first
"access centre". This meeting we shall be choosing between the
candidates, and setting priorities for getting up and running. Please
come along if you can donate time or know-how, or even if you're just

PCAN (pronounced pecan) is a collaborative effort between community
organisations, volunteers, and local government in the Parramatta area.
It exists to provide access to computer technology; supply services,
support, and skill sharing; promote and facilitate computer hardware
re-use; and encourage the growth of employment opportunities within the

See http://www.cat.org.au/pcan for more details.



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