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RE: [SLUG] Radical Solutions ...


I think I had similar problems when I went from debian stable to debian
unstable.  My solution was to 'apt-get install x-window-system'  or
something similar (I'll have a look at my notes tonight if you want).  Doing
this a couple of times, and doing a 'dselect --configure-pending' (or something
similar, working off the top of my head here) reinstalled and reconfigured
the x window setup...
A quick explanation is something like this (and DO NOT take this as gospel,
once agin, off the top of my head)
startx sets things up and runs xinit
xinit tries to execute /etc/X11/X which is just a symlink (pointer) to a real
executable Xserver, or it may be another symlink step, i.e from
/usr/X11/bin/XFree86 to /usr/X11/bin/Xfree_SVGA or something.
I can't remember the Debian setup, but it was a pretty logical
way of having a generic symlink pointing to the required
specific Xserver.

And don't worry about wether its X11 or X11R6.  R6 means Release 6 of the
X11 windowing protocol specification, everyone I know runs R6.  Just so
long as they are consistent, which if you have a newly setup Debian
system, then they should be.  If you have mixed in packages from non-
Debian sources (Tempted by a magazine CD, I've done it, and rebuilt
afterwards) then things may have been screwed by that.



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