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Re: [SLUG] ncpmount: option problem

On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 11:00:26PM +1000, Martin wrote:
> maybe a thought. have you tried:
> ncpmount -ov -S blah....

No I had not. I just tried:

# /usr/bin/ncpmount -ov -S groucho -U mikelake -A 138.xx.xx.xx.xx /web/http/faculty/ /mnt
Unknown option `v', ignoring it
Logging into MACHO as MIKELAKE
ncpmount: Invalid argument in mount(2)

# /usr/bin/ncpmount -vo -S groucho -U mikelake -A 138.xx.xx.xx.xx /web/http/faculty/ /mnt
Unknown option `-S', ignoring it
usage: /usr/bin/ncpmount [options] mount-point
Try `/usr/bin/ncpmount -h' for more information

So -ov gives Invalid arg and -vo gives Unknown option for -S

a few more combinations.....

# /usr/bin/ncpmount -v -o -S groucho etc....
Unknown option `-S', ignoring it

# /usr/bin/ncpmount -v o -S groucho etc....
ncpfs version

and I've tried -o -v also.

Umm..? The man pages says:

"-v Print  ncpfs  version  number.  It  has another meaning
(verbose) if you specify -o on command line. If you are
interested in version, type ncpmount -v without another

So Im lost as to how to get debugging info. 
I am 'apt-get source ncpfd' ing now....... :-(

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