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Re: [SLUG] Sendmail problem

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, root wrote:

> RH 7.1
> Server install
> Sendmail is accessible by "telnet localhost 25" but not by
> "telnet "mail.mydomain.com 25" even though localhost and
> mail.mydomain.com are one and the same machine.
> netstat shows the smtp service as running
> expected it to be running on *:smtp.
> Anyone like to pass me a cluestick?  What have I missed?

Did you fiddle with the firewall options on installation?

RH 7.1 attempts to setup firewall rules which could be blocking accessing
via "mail.mydomain.com" and allowing access via "localhost" since they
come in addressed to different IP addresses {localhost comes in as, the other will come in as whatever address your domain is set

Check out the firewall config - unfortunately, I haven't played with RH
7.1 enough to know how to do that after installation, sorry!


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