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Re: [SLUG] RE: MCA Startup problems

I will go and have a look at the irq situation...this is one thing i haven't
even thought about...how dumb...anyway i'll do that now...and yeah i did set
it to "pnp no". I don't think its a stuffed nic since it works fine under
w2k. Its a generic Tekram8139 and otherwise works fine. No packet loss etc.
No scsi devices installed, don't have a scsi card in the deb. box. Yeah I
thought as much as removing the bit from the kernel, the reason why I
mentioned it was mainly because of the "hit any key" and it keeps going
thing. Someone else asked about the system temperature...don't think that
matters at all. It does this from a cold boot as well as otherwise. System
temp. doesn't go over 38 degrees, ever. (Duron800)

thanks for your input.


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> > My guess is that you do not have a MCA bus in the boxen and are using
> > the default "everything supported" installation.
> > Compile the kernel and remove support for MCA buses/devices.
> MCA is in the default debian kernel.
> I think you should look at the part after that rather than worry about
> do you have any scsi devices?
> the other thing to look at is a hardware conflict. Which might explain why
> your network transfers are a bit stuffed. Network cards are a likely
> candidate for IRQ/IO conflicts. I would also make sure your bios is set to
> reset the config data and PNP OS is set to No
> HTH,
> Dave

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