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Re: [SLUG] ncpmount: option problem

Matthew Clark wrote:
> Just a wild stab in the dark, not knowing anything about ncpmount, 
> maybe use a capital V???

A capital V is an option for mounting a Novel Netware Volume by name 
so they use a lower case v for version.
If there is only a -v it version AND verbose if there is a -vo. 
Yeah yuk
> If not, there is always the source code.
Yeah but I need to get some new web material up onto the UTS web which 
is now on a Novel thingo rather than the old BSD that it used to be on.
Most times I don't have the time to look at the source.
Yeah I know it sounds a cop-out but hell I even put my car into a garage 
these days for an oil change.
Thanks for the stab anyhow :-)

Michael Lake
Active caver, Linux enthusiast and interested in anything technical.
Safety Convenor, Australian Speleological Federation
Owner, Speleonics (Australia)

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