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Re: [SLUG] Just finished "Just for Fun"..

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Jamie Honan wrote:

> >Perhaps some of us who were there during Linus's '95 visit should write
> >up something about it, what happened, where he went, what notable things
> >occured, and put it up on say Linux Australia's site, as I am sure there
> >are people interested. Especially in the "Tridge" conspiracy :)
> Here's my summary, some of which was reprinted in the Linux Journal.
> Lucy Chubb took some photos, which I think were taken up by some
> US magazines.
> The day after, we went for a picnic on Shark Island in the harbour.
> This was also a success, the day was stunning. There were a lot of
> photos taken, perhaps when they're developed some could be put on ftp,
> so those who didn't come can live it vicariously. The harbour was awash
> with spinikered sailing boats.

Some other highlights that came to mind.. after the cruise, we were all
kinda bored, so a few of us including Linus decided to go see some Sydney
sites.. We heard he is fond of Guiness, so we took him to the rocks to get
one ON Tap! After that we took him to Manly to see the spit, as well as
some other Sydney sights. Around dinner time, he told us about his desire
for a steak.. and we found this place in Manly called "Rumps 'n' Ribs"..
He was quite impressed with a menu that ONLY contained meat.

Afterwards (And this is where it gets wierd) we all headed to Kirabili
where there was a party being held to toast Gareth Powel's demise (After
his roasting on Littlemores Media Watch).. (Organised by the
aus.flame.gareth-powell newsgroup regulars)

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