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Re: [SLUG] Startup & HD problems

> Hi, 
> during the startup process of my Debian 2.2 box the below device or
> whatever is trying to load, however, the whole boot process just stops
> up untill I heat any key. Then it'll continue as normal. 
Any particular temperature???    The 'Scroll Lock' key for 20 mins at 220 
degrees (less for a fan assisted CPU).

Sorry - couldn't help it.

> Message is as follows:
> IBM MCA SCSI: No microchannel -bus support present -> aborting.

Strange - unless I'm mistaken (has happened in the past) MCA is the old IBM 
standard arch (Model 56 days and before).  Is this box of that era?

> My question is, does anybody know why it just stop/hangs? Normally if
> there is a problem it'll tell me that there is a problem etc. and
> continue booting. 

Don't know that one
> I gather this is a hardware problem, though I am curious since the hd's
> are brand new, including the ram and cpu. I have moved the drives around
> from primary ide to slave etc. but with not much luck. This happens
> under RH and Deb. (other things that I have tried are: flashed the bios,
> cleared cmos, removed the cdrom drive and 2nd hd, but problem persisted
> when copying something from my windows box to the linux box through
> Samba, manually set the jumpers on the drives, reset the bios)

If most of the kit is new - I'm gonna hedge my bets that it's not an old Model 
56 (nice old 486).  I would guess one of two things :

1)  Bad kernel config
2)  Bad hardware

with my money gonig on option 1.  You shouldn't have MCA support in your 
kernel - don't have one here to check if its enabled by default though.  Did 
you build the kernel yourself?

Give us some more info (kernel level etc) and any log errors and we'll see if 
any more light can be shed.



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