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[SLUG] Startup & HD problems

during the startup process of my Debian 2.2 box the below device or whatever is trying to load, however, the whole boot process just stops up untill I heat any key. Then it'll continue as normal.
Message is as follows:
IBM MCA SCSI: No microchannel -bus support present -> aborting.
As you can imagine this is just slightly annoying since I am not able to reboot the box remotely, for obvious reasons.
My question is, does anybody know why it just stop/hangs? Normally if there is a problem it'll tell me that there is a problem etc. and continue booting.
Further, I have noticed that when copying files say from hda1 to hda2 I am required to continuesly hit any key, otherwise the copy process stops as soon as it has finished copying a file accross. ( am able to stream movies and music without any problems, without interruptions)
It'll then continue copying and stop as soon as it is finished with the next file. Again, I hit any key and it'll continue copying. This also applies to Samba, in either direction.
I gather this is a hardware problem, though I am curious since the hd's are brand new, including the ram and cpu. I have moved the drives around from primary ide to slave etc. but with not much luck. This happens under RH and Deb. (other things that I have tried are: flashed the bios, cleared cmos, removed the cdrom drive and 2nd hd, but problem persisted when copying something from my windows box to the linux box through Samba, manually set the jumpers on the drives, reset the bios)
Anybody able to shed some light?