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Re: [SLUG] ncpmount: option problem

On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 03:43:50PM +1000, DaZZa wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Mike Lake wrote:
> > I am getting an error from ncpmount when trying to mount a Novel
> > Netware server. I used to do this with the previous RedHat but
> > have been unable to get it working lately.
> > # /usr/bin/ncpmount -vo -S macho -U mikelake -A
> >      /web/http/faculty/rsnsw /mnt
> It's the "-vo" option that is causing the problem, not the -S.
> dazza@nospam.fred:~ > ncpmount -vo
> ncpmount: option requires an argument -- o
> Try it without the -vo switch {which isn't valid, according to my man page
> - different version than yours, though}.
> Try it without and see what happens.

Ah thankx DaZZa, thats solved one problem.

Logging into MACHO as MIKELAKE
ncpmount: Invalid argument in mount(2)

yep its the vo that causes that error about -S not being valid.
The reason for using -vo on my version is that I wanted some debugging info. 
It takes a while for the "ncpmount: Invalid..." to return so I think it
IS trying to log me in. 
As you can see it says I have something wrong with the syntax.

man ncpmount for my version says....
"-v Print  ncpfs  version  number.  It  has another meaning
(verbose) if you specify -o on command line. If you are
interested in version, type ncpmount -v without another options."

# ncpmount -v
ncpfs version

as the man page says -v gives version so maybe I'm doing something wrong
with the vo bit. I have tried -v -o and -vo but get same -S error.
How does me get the verbose?

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