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[SLUG] ncpmount: option problem

Hi All,

I am getting an error from ncpmount when trying to mount a Novel
Netware server. I used to do this with the previous RedHat but
have been unable to get it working lately. 

# /usr/bin/ncpmount -vo -S macho -U mikelake -A
     /web/http/faculty/rsnsw /mnt

Unknown option `-S', ignoring it
usage: /usr/bin/ncpmount [options] mount-point
Try `/usr/bin/ncpmount -h' for more information

man ncpmount shows:
-S  server (server is the name of the server you want to use.)

and ncpmount --help shows:
usage: ncpmount [options] mount-point
-S server      Server name to be used
-U username    Username sent to server

so whats wrong with the option "-S"?

The ncpfs package is Version: on Debian potatoe.

Anyone know if I am doing something wrong?

Michael Lake, University of Technology, Sydney
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