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[SLUG] Radical Solutions ...


I'm still getting the Delphic reply

"/etc/X11/X is not executable"

I'm in the mood for radical solutions.

xf86config   .... or a complete re-install ?

Any ideas ?

Adam Bogacki.

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To: Adam F. Bogacki
Subject: Re: [SLUG] FW: X: cannot stat /etc/X11/X

Adam F. Bogacki was once rumoured to have said:
> Thanks. I'll give it a go. I'll also have to reset the default runlevel to
> in /etc/inittab ....
> I think someone should write a glossary of current (Deb ?) Linux
> such as 'stat' and 'symlink'. "Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed" (2000) by
> Camou and Von Cowenberghe does not have one ... but is helpful on context.
> What is "stat" short for ?

stat() is a syscall which returns statistics on a file.

symlink is, of course, symbolic link.

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