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[SLUG] Serial cards.

I have aquired a couple of old serial (digiport) cards. (I think)

They are from an old PC running System manager. They connected to serial
port boards which in turn connected to wyse terminals.

I am interested in using these for the same kind of thing but under Linux.

I really need to get some info on the cards but cannot seem to find
anything, so thats why I am asking here.

The only writing on the cards are:

Datapac Australasia
v3.1 1994
they have interrupt selector jumpers and board selector jumpers as well.
They havd a D62 pin female interface.

I haven't tried putting them in a linux machine yet, maybe they will

anyway if any knows where I can get info on old datapac cards then please
let me know...


Alister Waller

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