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Re: [SLUG] Just finished "Just for Fun"..

>Perhaps some of us who were there during Linus's '95 visit should write
>up something about it, what happened, where he went, what notable things
>occured, and put it up on say Linux Australia's site, as I am sure there
>are people interested. Especially in the "Tridge" conspiracy :)

Here's my summary, some of which was reprinted in the Linux Journal.
Lucy Chubb took some photos, which I think were taken up by some
US magazines.


Summary of Linus' visit to Sydney.

The Australian Unix Users' Group had asked Linus to come and talk at
their annual conference in Melbourne. While in Australia, Linus came to
several other cities, Canberra, Sydney and Perth, and talked at seminars
organised by local Linux user groups in conjunction with Auug.

I helped organise the Sydney side of things. We had two 'official'
events, which gave Linus plenty of time to look around, and be shown around, 
and take in the local sights.

The talk, one of the official functions, went well. We had sixty people,
most of whom run Linux. Linus was surprised at the technical depth of
questioning. He had planned to talk for about an hour, instead I think
with questions we went on for well over two hours.

At the end of the talk, Peter Chubb presented Linus with one of his SLUG
(Sydney Linux Users Group) tee-shirts. Quite literally, this tee-shirt
has the picture of a slug on it. As I said at the time, how could we
give him anything that truly represented the gratitude we felt...

The day after, we went for a picnic on Shark Island in the harbour.
This was also a success, the day was stunning. There were a lot of
photos taken, perhaps when they're developed some could be put on ftp,
so those who didn't come can live it vicariously. The harbour was awash
with spinikered sailing boats.

On a personal level, Linus was an absolute delight to look after.

A couple of highlights : walking past Pratten Park bowling club and
explaining how outdoor bowls is played. Also, Ashfield RSL is down the
end of our street.  Linus expressed an interest in 'eating meat', so we
took him there.

We had been ribbing him about his Northern European 'never being too
impressed'. We had a quick look at the poker machine room, a ghastly and
garish collection of brightly lit and noisy machines. Finally he had to
admit 'now I am impressed'.

I know Linus had a good time. I just hope circumstances permit him to
come back before too long. There's an old fashioned saying, and it
really applies to Linus : "you couldn't meet a nicer bloke".

Now, back to the hard part.... organising the next SLUG meeting!


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