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[SLUG] Just finished "Just for Fun"..

Just for Fun: The story of an accidental revolutionary
Linus Torvals autobiography.

Just finished it.. and thought I might share some thoughts on it..

If you are really interested in how Linux all started, and what Linus's
thoughts where when Linux was created.. Then this is your book..

It also explains a lot about the way Linus thinks about this, and why he
released it to GPL in the first place.

Reading the book brings back lots of things that I had forgotten, like the
early postings to comp.os.minix asking about POSIX documentation, and good
ole ftp.funet.fi:/pub/OS/Linux

I felt a little disapointed that he didn't go into more detail about the
other contributers to Linux, and how he interacted with them, but I guess
it IS his autobiography--But, I would really love to see a book on the
History of Linux that would also cover, say Lars's side, and his
involvement, Alan Cox, Theodore Tso and many of the other "early" kernel
hackers and what they did, and their involvement. Maby someone should make
them post some short Linux-centric autobiographies of themselves to complete the picture.

Also some coverage of his tours to other countries, like his '95 visit to
Australia would have been cool, but sadly omitted.

Linus gets a bit waffly in the end about Licences, and his thoughts on the
GPL and RMS and stuff, but I think he had to get it off his chest, that
he's not god, and he doesn't think like RMS, and besides, I think he was
really getting out the things that people have been forever asking him
about, probably in the hope that people will stop asking him.

Perhaps some of us who were there during Linus's '95 visit should write up
something about it, what happened, where he went, what notable things
occured, and put it up on say Linux Australia's site, as I am sure there
are people interested. Especially in the "Tridge" conspiracy :)

Linus Trivia not covered in the book :-

Favourite Beverage - Guiness
Favourite Steak - Filet, almost raw

Damn.. is it really 4:30am..


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