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Re: [SLUG] Eudora on Win2k to Samaba share.

On Wednesday 20 June 2001 11:38, Terry Collins wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience with using Eudora on Win2K with mail file
> on a Samba share? It is stuffing the eudora.ini
> Yep, I think it is funny that they are using Win2K.


SWMBO was using Win2k on her notebook before I "accidentally" nuked it - 
bugger, she got Win98 back, but it's better than 2000.

I seem to remember having her mailfiles on S:\EUDORA (samba share 
slave:/home/jill/eudora), and specifying it in the program icon properties. 

I think the command line was something like:

"c:\eudora\eudora.exe s:\eudora"

Seemed to work fine.


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