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Re: [SLUG] re SMH 19/6


You make a number of interesting points... as for Linux getting a "toehold", 
it's a bloody BIG toe !!

Although I do agree with the "stealth" comment.

Linux still has a way to go as a desktop O/S - yes, heresy - as a server O/S 
it runs rings around almost anything else, and certainly against ANYTHING 
Microsoft can throw at it.

As a desktop O/S - well, for the "geek" market (i,e, SLUG users, and people 
of like ilk), it's almost there already. For the "average" user's desktop, 
not yet - and maybe never, unless users are re-educated to let go of their MS 

Compare inux to NT and Linux wins every time just on $$$ - and THAT's 
unfortunately what many managers look at - Microsoft will destroy themselves 
(assuming they don't try to bring out a M$ Linux - now THERE's a scarey 
thought !!!) - they will price themselves out of the market....

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