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Re: [SLUG] getting a DDS3 drive to work under RedHat7.0 with an AHA7850

At 04:48 PM 20/06/2001 +1000, Terry Collins wrote:
>Adaptec cards need modules loaded
>Like aha154x fr aha1542/40, aic7xx?() for 2940*  - (this is probably
>wrong spelling), and so on.

[root@nospam.avanti scsi]# insmod aic7xxx.o
[root@nospam.avanti scsi]# cat /proc/scsi/scsi
Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00
   Vendor: HP       Model: C1537A           Rev: L005
   Type:   Sequential-Access                ANSI SCSI revision: 02

I'm very happy - thanks all who commented for much valued brainshare. :-)
I feel a bit silly that I only needed to load a module - made a category 
error when looking at the problem in assuming the kernal would load the driver.

Ta for your commends too Dazza confirming the prognosis that my kernal 
wasn't loading the scsi card.

Running a backup now happily.  E-smith uses a custom templating system for 
making changes to most config files like modules.conf so I'll get them to 
help me get that right.

- Graeme.

Graeme Robinson graemer@nospam.graenet.com
http://www.graenet.com: internetworking

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