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Re: [SLUG] getting a DDS3 drive to work under RedHat7.0 with an AHA7850

Graeme Robinson wrote:

> Mmm - it alledgedly does have tape support it it's weird none seems to be
> there.

What does e-smith say?

> >maybe you need to load a module
> bash-2.04$ sudo /sbin/insmod st

Adaptec cards need modules loaded 
Like aha154x fr aha1542/40, aic7xx?() for 2940*  - (this is probably
wrong spelling), and so on.

> will try it later - no scsi bios loads I don't think so I doubt it.

Try Control+A just after the memory count & (something else) finishes.
If this card has that option, it should respond. Note, the message can
be configured to not show on boot up.
> >Does it have parameter (io, irq) that can be set (I wouldn't expect this
> >with PCI) ?
> No - will scan the bios again to see if maybe something is in there.

This is not a bios setting. As posted earlier this month, most drivers
look at default settings if none are specified (isa). PCI works

> >What parameters did you put in /etc/modules.conf?
> I didn't change the parameters from the standard e-smith setup, which
> alledgedly provides tape support for any redhat 7.0 compatible scsi device
> and tape drive.
> The e-smith website explicitly states support for my adaptec card, but it

What is missing from the e-smith site is how to install scsi cards. My
2c is they want you to then refer to the Linux HowTO stuff.

So you will have to at least add something like
     scsi_hostadapter aha????  
to /etc/modules.conf.

> reports scsi hosts 0)

No, not definitive. It only knows about stuff that it loads drivers for.

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