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Re: [SLUG] HP Superceeded Server Boxes

> Be aware that if you want to increase the memory on these boxes you _must_
> use HP sourced RAM.

Yep, I think that's right. Can't be sure but I thinks this is a nasty worthy
of MS themselves. Me thinks that the bios queries the ram and when it doesn't
say "HP Dimm" the bios says get lost, I don't think there is any "technical"

They do support dual cpu's (this machine is running dual PIII 500Mhz.)
I put a couple of 600's in once but it wasn't really happy, (linux booted
and seemed fine but my VMware NT guest went spastic (vmware linux guest
was fine so figure that one out!)

Note that the E60 is a scsi based systems. So for $1300 that's not bad if
the thing is in good nick. Other than that I can say that my E60 has been
running RH62 happily for donkeys now.



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