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[SLUG] getting a DDS3 drive to work under RedHat7.0 with an AHA7850

Trying to keep it brief, comments on this issue appreciated:


I can't get a new tape drive working on a redhat 7.0 system
bash-2.04$ sudo /bin/mt -f "/dev/nst0" tell
/dev/nst0: No such device

dmesg reports
scsi : 0 hosts.
scsi : detected total.

- scsi host is an adaptec AHA7850 and DDS3 drive is a HP C1537A - both are 
expressly supported by redhat or claim to be by the manufacturer (having 
trouble getting confirmation for any HP device on redhat's hcl but that' 
another issue).
- my redhat system is an e-smith server gateway.

what I've tried:
- booting with Toms Root Boot and running dmesg both the host and drive are 
correctly identified.
- also tried removing all other pci hardware and putting the card in 
different slots, more out of desire for thoroughness than any hope that it 
would change anything (afterall if there was a conflict I presume that Toms 
wouldn't see it either)
- changing scsi ID of the device.

Are there any other diagnostics I can try to confirm my theory that the 
adaptec host isn't being loaded? Is there anyway to try and load manually?


Graeme Robinson graemer@nospam.graenet.com
http://www.graenet.com: internetworking

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