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[SLUG] Newbie problem with m68k on Mac SE30

Hello all,

I am new to Linux and 'slug'.

Is anyone out there using Debian on 68k Macs?  I am having problems with
the install and would appreciate any help I can get.

I am trying to install Debian on a Mac SE30. According to the many sites I
have visited this can be done. I have the Debian Potato 2.2 m68k 3-CD set.

Briefly, I have a 1.2gb internal hdd, 64mb ram. I have partitioned the hard
drive with 150mb MacOS with System 7.5.5, 150mb Unix Swap and about 1.7gb
Unix Root.

I can run Penguin 18 no problem and have configured as specified in the
comand line: root=/dev/ram
kernal file: linux
ram disk: root.bin
Everything boots up OK and asks me to configure keyboard - no problem
But here is where I have problems. It asks me to partition the hard drive
with a message 'There are no 'Linux Swap' partitions present on this
system'. Which I know for a fact do exist.
If I select the' Partition a Hard Disk' option, it asks me to select a disk
drive. I select /dev/sda and it takes me to a command prompt which looks
like mac-fdisk. I can and have deleted and created the partitions. Even
when I do this, I still can't seem to get any further than this step.
Any ideas?


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