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Re: [SLUG] Why does my executable not well.....Execute!

> Hmmm, ok so we look on the rh7.1 install and find libXext.so.6 and
> libX11.so.6 but libm.so.5 and libc.so.5 are missing. I thought that
> Linux had this library version thing under control. Like the binary
> looks for libm.so not libm.so.5. What's going on Linux this is looking
> like a bad case of windows ddl hell.

Not really, major numbers on libraries aren't compatible.  Linux, unlike
Windows, provides a way to tell the difference between versions.

> So I grab the libs off the Rh6.2
> box and stick them on the 7.1 box and....Nothing works :-(

You'll need to put the path to the new (old) libraries in /etc/ld.so.conf
and run ldconfig

You'll also (I think) need /lib/ld-linux.so.1

There should be an RPM that does all this for you, can't think of what it's
called tho

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