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Re: [SLUG] Hardley Normal


> I reckon all of Hardly Normal's software is overpriced.  I was
> doing a price comparison the other day between HN and Myers and
> generally speaking there was around a 10% diff in favour of Myers.

This would seem to be a worldwide problem and in Japan as well.

Here in Sheffield we have a branch of a chain of computer stores who 
are PC World.  All prices are way over inflated.  They run a national 
TV campaign that says "WE ARE CHEAP AREN'T WE ?"  To which the 
correct answer is no.  PC World are owned by Dixons.  Dixons, PC 
World and Curries are the only high street retailers in this country 
who sell software and electrical equipment.   So, I think we know 
what that means ?

If you phone PC World and ask for Linux software they tell you that 
"they haven't got any" or...  "what's that".  If you get on the local 
tram and get off outside their door and walk in you can find a 
complete rack full of Linux software.  Still at high prices though.

As for Linux User Groups. ....  well, wot ARE those ?  Never seen one 
and never will.

So, you are not alone :)



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