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Re: [SLUG] Hardley Normal

On Monday 18 June 2001 13:04, Alan Lee wrote:
> I rather Linux any day other then Microsoft.
> This is a very very general conclushion about this package.
> How many other people at this company did you ask about the product?  Any
> other stores?  There will be girls/guys working at Hardley Normal (heheh)
> that will know something about Linux.  I like reading emails like this, but
> you gota do wider research .. maybe we should all ask out local Hardley
> Normal super stores about this product, and then we can REALLY turn around
> and say what they are like!

Having dealt with them for years, and having a good friend who is one of 
their Computer Store Franchinees in Adelaide, I can guarantee that 90% of the 
staff do NOT know about Linux, and the 10% that DO can spell it...:-)

I do there if I need to get a printer cartridge, paper, cheap hardware - 
essentially anything that I DON'T have to talk to an order-taker about.

Anyway, we should take this off-list before we ger flamed...:-)


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