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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Apache access_log file on Linux server

> * This one time, at band camp, james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com said:
> > I'm trying to find some documentation on what the apache access_log
files are. I just assumed they logged either:
> > Requests for our website's page(s)
> Highly likely
> > or
> > Requests for outside sites from inside our LAN.
> Very unlikey since apache is a web server - not a proxy server

It can be a proxy server.  It's possible that it's misconfigured to allow
anyone to use it as a proxy.  Evil people can then use it to semi
anonymously surf the web.

The access.log should be logging the IPs of the people requesting the files,
so you can tell whether people inside or outside your lan and the culprit.

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