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Re: [SLUG] script -> modem

> i am writing a script that needs to use a modem to dial a particular
> number then hang up without the call being answered.

The chat(8) (in PPP package on redhat) does exactly that sort of thing.

> except on this box because it has to kick portslave off the modem, and

"Kick off"? Shouldnt they be using lock files to share access?

Easist way is to use a dial-out program like pppd to reset the
modem, and handle lockfiles. Use a chat(8) script to do the work, and
return an error code so the dialout program then quits.

> if i invoke minicom after disabling portslave, it works and after exiting
> it so do the echo commands. there is something minicom is doing to
> reinitialise the modem. anyone know what?

See also "stty" if you want to do this low-level control.
Also, you can tell the modem "ATZ" to reset echoing, etc.

Mike Holland  <mike@nospam.golden.wattle.id.au>

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