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[SLUG] A weird one with Star Office

I was messing about with Star Office earlier, specifically moving the 
buttons around on the status bar at the bottom so as to get them in the 
order I wanted.

Well, I managed to drag & drop one of them onto the small desktop icon 
that sits on the status bar.

Now when I right mouse on that desktop icon I see that it has two 
functions assigned to it and I can select which function I want as the 

OK, so its funky, but I don't want it, and I can see no way to get rid of 
the unwanted function from that icon.

Has anyone come across this, better still, does anyone know how to fix 

Howard Lowndes LANNet Computing Associates 02 6026 3400
<howard@nospam.lannet.com.au> <http://www.lannetlinux.com>

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