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[SLUG] IDE disk worries

The symptoms:

- e2fsck reports 'short read on sector blah blah' during inode scan
- also reports *lots* of messed up file alloc tables on disk

My solution:

- e2fsck -c to do a bad block scan ... took about 1 hr for 2 GB (sigh)
  but it reported no bad blocks


- e2fsck stalls at various points, i.e. will hang at 45.3% done for about
  60 seconds, then proceed
- various apps stall for 10's of seconds before really getting going;
  Apache stalls in certain scripts, then runs them through to completion;
  similar with MySQL and queries


- all data, scripts, etc. seem fine.

Any comments?
Is it time to chuck this drive and get a new one?

BTW: does e2fsck -c write a new bad block table? If not, what is its purpose?

thnks in advance

Rick Welykochy || Praxis Services Pty Limited

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