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[SLUG] Compiling 2.4 Kernel for IPTABLES or IPCHAINS

Hi all,

My firewall HDD is screwed and so I had to build a new one so I decided to
build a RH7.1 Kernel 2.4.5 machine.

Upon recompiling and rebooting the machine now doesn't like IPCHAINS as it
says it's not supported by the kernel. But it worked on 2.4.2, anybody know
of the support drop for IPCHAINS?
I then decided it's time to learn IPTABLES but then just doing a `iptables
--list` complained that there is a conflict and that "can't initialise the
iptables table `filter'"....???

I tried doing a local ip_tables.o and it only finds it in the older kernel
source directory. Where the hell is it to compile in the new kernel????

I found a menu option about "Ip filtering (replaces IPCHAINS)" and I enabled
it but after recompiling, it still didn't like it...??? I can't find any
docos on the system for iptables too...

Can anybody give me some guidance or maybe supply a good .config file I can
compile on.

This machine is a firewall which will support PPTP tunnels, transparent
proxy, mail gateway, DNS... that's all I can think of incase there are
options missing in the .config file...

any help would be appreciated.

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